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*Bib Collections - Registration 2017*

Bib Collection is at the historic Carcoar CourtHouse at….

Between 12-5pm Saturday 4th November (preferred because it gets very busy Sunday morning) OR
Between 6-7.45am Sunday 5th November – Race Day.

If you are coming on Sunday, please be there to register at least 30mins before your race.

We welcome last minute entries UP UNTIL 5pm on Saturday 4th November – Saturday.

Drink Stations

Always have lots of question re drink stations, so here it is from the horse’s mouth.
Drink Stations are manned by fabulous very friendly volunteers, which is part of the great attraction of the Carcoar Cup, so spread the love!! All have water and Powerade, along with jelly beans and snakes.
Marathon and Ultra
DS1 – 3kms at Cooming Creek
DS2- 3kms at top of the hill
DS2- 4 kms – manned by the wonderful Molloy family every year
DS4 – 4kms – manned by Merv and Marg – you will know how wonderful they are when you see them (Ultras visit here twice)
DS5 – 4km – more of of our great Neville volunteer contingent (Ultras twice)
DS6- 4kms – At Neville opposite the school both sides of the road because you will pas them run around the town, and the pass them again, so DS6 1.5kms (Ultras four times)
DS7 – 3kms – more great Nevillites.
DS8 – 3kms last of the Neville contingent with Rob in charge I think!!
DS9 – 4.5kms – the best drink station as it is right at the top of that hill!
DS10 – 5kms – Home pretty much all downhill from DS9, so we would hate to force you to stop at a DS.
Half Marathon DS6 ×2, DS7, 8, 9, 10 – see distances above.
DS10 has everything, and you can get a free massage from Physex in the the shop we have set up right next to the finish line.

Carcoar Cup Results 2015

Carcoar Cup Results 2015

Carcoar Historic Village

2012 Carcoar Cup Running Festival

Carcoar Cup Marathon

Angela BATEUP 03:08:53
Wayne BULLOCK 03:10:30
John ROBINS 03:25:24
Nicholas ZAWADSKI 03:25:59
Athene CHARIOT 03:26:06
Marcus COCKSHUTT 03:36:52
Wylie BRECKENRIDGE 03:39:21
Rick PATZOLD 03:50:12
JoanneWHITHEAR 03:52:39
John GLEN 03:52:42
Eduard VON SLAWIK 03:53:16
Simon MORGAN 03:53:34
Dave CATTO 03:55:42
Anne MACKIE 03:57:53
Matthew CHERRI 04:05:32
Scott CHARLTON 04:08:42
Roland WOOD 04:09:21
Stephanie JURIVICH 04:10:09
Matthew HALE 04:10:11
Jennifer JURIVICH 04:15:21
Nathan WELLS 04:24:32
Roland STOKES 04:25:14
Ray JAMES 04:26:43
Peter CALDERONE 04:28:09
Matthew SHARWOOD 04:32:50
Myron ZLOTNICK 04:35:32
James CHISHOLM 04:38:41
D Lynn WILLIAMS 04:40:16
Garry PAGE 04:41:50
Shane WRIGHT 04:44:10
Blair Hurst 04:44:47
Bonnie TRATT 04:44:50
Tom HINDS 04:45:06
Thomas MARTIN 04:46:06
Ingrid CHAPMAN 04:49:25
Jeff BUXTON 04:49:41
Peter FOSTER 04:50:12
Nathan CUTTER 04:50:22
Kieran BABICH 04:52:26
Andrew STOCKINGS 04:52:51
Pete SINFIELD 04:56:36
Rebecca COOK 04:59:49
Trent MORROW 05:04:55
Ella KURZ 05:16:15
Lorenzo POLETTO 07:12:04

Teams Marathon Results.pdf

Half Marathon Results.pdf

Carcoar to Creek Dash Results.pdf

Under 18s Championship Results.pdf

Carcoar Cup for Kids Results.pdf

Carcoar Cup Weekend Program of events 2016

Saturday 5th November.

All day

Tours of the Carcoar Cup Course on minibus. Leaving approx on the hour from 9am at the Courthouse, depending on demand. Bookings taken as well as tickets available at the bus.

Carcoar Pottery – Exhibition of specially commissioned trophies for the Carcoar Cup.

From 12.00 midday Lunch at the Royal Hotel, Neville Hotel, Tea Pots Cafe.

From 3pm Afternoon Tea available at vantage points around the town. Homemade Scones jam and cream, coffee and tea.


From 6.00 pm Dinner available at the Neville Hotel.

6.00pm Pasta night at the Carcoar School of Arts – we are working hard on a brand new format for 2016. Please book with Andrew on 02 6367 3290

Bed to rest for the Carcoar Cup.

Sunday 6th November: Race Day

All day

Food – Breakfast, sausage/steak sizzles, local shops, food carts, coffee, tea.
Carcoar Pottery – Exhibition of specially commissioned trophies for the Carcoar Cup.
Carcoar Court House – Interactive History Exhibition, Dress-ups for mock historic photos.
Carcoar Hospital Museum – exhibition.
Stoke House Stable Museum – exhibition.
Carmanhurst Room Military Museum – exhibition.
Toy Museum – exhibition.


From Carcoar

Ultra Marathon (60 kms) – run over the marathon distance with an additional loop at the centre from Carcoar to the town of Neville and back via a magnificent, circuitous anti clockwise course.

Marathon (42.2kms)

Teams Events – the marathon course has been easily divided into four roughly equal sections, allowing for entrants of varying abilities to each run a section of approximately 10km in length. The first section is a gradual testing climb mainly on dirt; the second flatter, but a mixture of dirt and bitumen; the third from Neville to Mt Macquarie Road is all sealed, relatively flat, and slightly shorter; the fourth more difficult mainly on dirt with a climb up the Mt Macquarie saddle leading onto the long descent into the Carcoar Valley and the finishing line. Open to all comers.

Carcoar Cup for Kids (1.7kms) – a wonderful course around the historic town with spectator access the entire route. All primary children, with medals for all age groups.

Carcoar to Creek Dash (6kms) – for all those who want to take part, but want a shorter challenge – out along the Fell Timber Rd to cooming Creek and back.

Mile Long Club races will start in Carcoar and race around the town.
Mile Long Club – our great fundraiser.

From Neville

Half Marathon – run from Neville to Carcoar via the Mt Macquarie Rd past Lake Rowlands and the soaring pines of the mount. Breathtaking views all the way to Cowra and the Carcoar Valley.

Mile Long Club races will start on the Main Street of Neville, running parallel to the first of the Ultra Marathoners arriving in Neville.


Carcoar could hardly have a better location, being a mere half hour from Orange, Bathurst and Cowra, and ten minutes from Blayney. (approx. 3 hours drive from Sydney). Accommodation is there alright, you just have to know where to look!
Please call us on 02 6367 3290 if you need help.

The nearby towns of Neville and Mandurama feature on the Carcoar Cup route. Links for accommodation at all these locations are displayed below.


The Royal Hotel ph: 02 6367 3009

Stoke House B&B ph: 02 6367 3235

Carcoar’Art self-catering ph: 02 6367 3290

Shalom has accommodation for 40 ph: 02 6367 3058


  • Neville - There are railway carriages, a house and post office, a railway station which can comfortably sleep 6 people - all self contained - and a Goods Shed which can accommodate 29 persons with shared facilities and a large covered courtyard area - ideal for reunions, parties, and conferences.


The Carcoar Dam has a wonderful camping ground that is perched on its edge. Pictures at the Carcoar website. Cowra also has a great camping ground on the bank of the Lachlan River.

Millthorpe is a boutique heritage town approximately 20 minutes from Carcoar.
Lilac Cottage (four bedrooms) is available 02 6367 3290

Blayney is a rural township with most services and is 10-15 minutes down the highway from Carcoar, towards Bathurst. It has three motels and camping grounds.

Bathurst, Orange and Cowra are each 30-40 minutes from Carcoar and are thriving country cities.

Each of the towns has many accommodation options ranging from boutique hotels, guesthouses, self contained accommodation and B&B’s to motels and caravan parks.

Links for accommodation at all these locations are displayed below

Full Results all Carcoar Cup events 2011

(Times are approximate – please let us know if you think you see any errors – next year will be different!)

1. Alex Matthews 2.40.20
2. Tim Cochrane 2.59.41
3. Raymond Wareham 3.13.05
4. Angela Bateup 3.16.50
5. Nicholas Zawadski 3.21
6. John Robins 3.39
7. Kieren Lee
8. Stuart Bluestone
9. Athene Chariot 3.45
10. Wylie Breckinridge
11. Emily Lamrock 3.54
12. Rick Patzold 3.58.04
13. Bruce Renwick 4.00.13
14. Ray James 4.02
15. Steele Addison 4.03.44
16. Peter Thomson 4.06.06
17. Jesse Taylor 4.07
18. Richard Blennerhassett 4.08
19. Stuart Price 4.09
20. Sven Kunkel 4.23
21. Myron Zlotnick 4.24.17
22. Diane Birch 4.29.44
23. Denise Blayden
24. Dawn Crichter 4.33
25. Gatis Krasovskis
26. Peter Foster 4.50
27. Roderick O’Day
28. Mitchell Starkey 5.00
29. Jim Cox
30. Luisa Maschke
31. Trent Morrow 5.33.31

I hope you all are very proud to have finished – you make up the first ever Carcoar Cup field.

2 runners were forced to pull out close to the finish – no shame at all!
10 Runners paid up but didn’t show – think what they missed out on!

Full results Carcoar Cup Half Marathon 2011

1. Sean Williams 1.22.5
2. Matthew Feain
3. Christopher Walsh 1.29.25
4. Samuel Orton
5. Cindy King 1.33.24
6. Linda Gard 1.34.24
7. Jared Sullivan
8. Mike Cooper 1.38.18
9. James Dugdell 1.40.44
10. Paul Twohill 1.41.22
11. Mitchell Essex 1.42
12. Robert Linsell 1.42.37
13. Justin Slattery
14. Andrew Minucos 1.45.35
15. Ben Winslett 1.46
16. Peta Cutler 1.46.30
17. Greg Adams 1.47
18. Halcyon Bolt
19. Dominique Goddard 1.48
20. Thomas Orton / Wayne Gard tied
22. Michael Potter
23. Erin Price 1.52.0
24. Natasha Parker 1.52.25
25. Paul McFarland / Amanda O’Connor tied 1.52.43
27. Phillip Kennedy 1.53.13
28. Sarah Emms 1.54
29. Kurt Davis
30. Samantha Chapman
31. Edward Orton
32. Scott Coggan
33. Mike Steinberg 1.56.28
34. Garry Page 1.56.45
35. James Kohler 1.57
36. Ryan McMahon 1.57.20
37. Claudia Petrie 1.58
38. Alana Lessi
39. Paul Orton
40. Stephen Blackwood 2.04.58
41. Rebecca O’Dea 2.06.50
42. Jane Purcell 2.07
43. Catherine Miller
44. Suresh Raju 2.09
45. Anthony Harriss
46. Rachel Kohler
47. Luisa Kenny
48. Sophie Handsaker
49. Peter de Vris
50. Katherine Pickford
51. Siddharth Gupta
52. Paul Feain 2.24.40
53. Dianne Galea
54. Christine Selwood
55. Sharon Richens
56. Rebekah Moore 2.27.28
57. Anne Holmes 2.38.40
58. Kylie Selwood
59. Nicole Bolger 2.45
60. Kay Widdows 2.46

All runners finished – a great effort on a tough course!
21 Runners failed to front on the day – I hope they are told that this is a top weekends, and come next year.

Carcoar to Creek Dash – Full Results

1. Mitchell Williamson 22.32
2. Martin Timms 25.05
3. Thomas Hanrahan 27.48
4. Nicole Williamson 28.49
5. Josh Farr
6. Joshua Lee 31.13
7. Benjamin Robinson
8. Melissa Campbell
9. Scott McInnes 31.34
10. Michael Bushell
11. Frehiwot Ward 32.00
12. Olivia Rowlands
13. Dianna Coombs
14. Chrissy Ward
15. Tracy MacFarlane
16. Georgina Uttley
17. Andrew Cannane 37.22
18. Mark Richardson
19. Breeanna Baart
20. Patsy Moppett
21. Sarah Colman
22. Marcus Rummler
23. Kimberly Atkins 40.00
24. Kathryn Atkins 43.00
25. Bec Anderson 44.38
26. Annabel Kingham
27. Kate McEwen
28. Ian McEwen 45.21
29. Sean O’Donoghue
30. Leah Weeden
31. Joel Weeden
32. Karen Peteh
33. Michelle Gauci 49.00
34. Michelle Warren 49.16
35. Emma Anderson
36. Allison Farr
37. Katrina Worrall
38. Maree Neary
39. Karen Bollinger
40. Caitlyn Bollinger
41. Jason Thorpe

4 Runners paid up but did not compete.

Carcoar Cup for Kids – Full results

1. Max Kay (and U10 Winner)
2. Chloe Bateup (and U8 Winner)
3. Stephanie Baart (and U12 Winner)
4. Madalene Coombs (and U8 Runner Up)
5. Hope Coombs (and U6 Winner)
6. Joel Coggan (Runner up U12, First Boy U12)
7. Emmerson Toshack
8. Jessica Coggan
9. Besu Ward
10. Patrice Parker (and U6 Runner Up)
11. Bill Retallack (and First Boy U6)
12. Mekdes Ward
13. Noah Yates
14. Mia Marvin (Runner Up U10, First Girl U10)
15. Bella Marvin
16. Georgia Gallagher
17. Jacob Pulling (First Boy U8)
18. Alli Farr
19. Amelia Earsman
20. Hayley Apfel
21. Megan Sandry
22. Leo Pulling
23. Corey Birch
24. Oliver Yates
25. Kiara Sandry
26. Holly Farr
27. Peyton Toshack
28. Charlotte Gallagher
29. Olivia Cannane
30. Heidi McMahon
31. Harper Marvin
32. Halle Parker
33. Gabe Fuchina
34. Mia Retallack
35. Ethan Goldfinch
36. Kirrily McMahon
37. Joey Farr

All can be very proud of finishing the first ever Carcoar Cup for Kids.
Some who finished near the tail started late, and did a great job to catch the field, so they should be very proud of themselves!

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